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Welcome to DH² Consulting

We help clients refine and implement effective strategies, supported by clear and compelling messages tailored to each audience. We distill what is important for your business, your brand, your success.
Diana Hickert-Hill of DH² Consulting

DH² Consulting helps clients develop and implement winning strategies, coaches leaders and executives and creates clear and compelling stories to build brand value.

How DH² engages

We meet with you to learn about your business, your team, your customers—both current and prospective, your competitive advantages and your business challenges. We tailor our approach to serve your unique needs. We then create clear and compelling approaches and messaging to help you achieve your goals. Throughout the process, we interact with your decision makers and key resources to align efforts. We have a strong network of specialists we can bring in to address specific areas as needed.

Why it matters

Even with the best strategy, if stakeholders do not understand, it has limited value. We help you discern your purpose and define your approach in a way that is clear, authentic, inspired and credible.

Treat your customers with respect, and they’ll be more willing to engage with you. By respect, we mean listening to them, understanding their needs and challenges and then offering solutions they value.

What's your challenge?

We can help. Smart leaders engage the right resources to accomplish strategic objectives.

We handle engagements large and small, ranging from setting strategy to delivering on it. Perhaps your team needs coaching to complete a project or you need us to complete the work for you. We take a holistic approach—considering your objectives and your stakeholders such as customers, distribution partners, employees, recruits, board members and investors.

Contact us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

Strategy & Process

  • Defining your company or project’s purpose
  • Refining your strategy to win
  • Establishing effective goals and metrics
  • Leveraging Six Sigma & other process improvement tools
  • Developing implementation plans
  • Coaching leaders and teams

Brand & Marketing

  • Differentiating your company
  • Defining profitable growth strategies
  • Implementing your brand voice
  • Creating effective marketing materials
  • Optimizing customer experience
  • Engaging media—both traditional and social


  • Creating content for all audiences and media
  • Delivering engaging presentations at your events
  • Marketing your company and its products and services
  • Training and coaching your teams
  • Reinforcing your company’s positive culture
  • Helping attract, develop and retain top talent


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DH² Consulting is a global firm dedicated to helping our clients succeed with their strategy, marketing, communications and process delivery methods.

Diana Hickert-Hill founded DH Squared, LLC to bring her 25+ years of award-winning executive experience to her clients. Leveraging her leadership skills from GE and other companies in the manufacturing and financial services sectors, Diana helps clients achieve their objectives while serving the needs of customers, employees and investors.

DH² Consulting offers a variety of solutions to help your business and teams succeed.



Developing brand, content and design strategy. Defining customer experience standards and approach. Conducting competitive assessments.

M&A and divestures

Defining branding, communication and integration strategies. Developing investor messaging and strategy.

Leadership engagement

Driving brand-centric culture aligned with core values.


Helping leaders and teams perform effectively and achieve desired outcomes.


Writing & issuing press releases. Providing traditional and social media support. Coaching executives and spokespersons for media interviews and presentations.

Employee engagement

Communicating to attract, develop and retain top talent as well as align teams to understand and deliver on business objectives.

Investor relations

Delivering effective messaging for strategic updates and financial results. Addressing shareholder and analyst questions.

Process improvement

Leveraging Six Sigma and other proven optimization methodologies. Coaching teams for sustained improvement.

Keynote speaker

Delivering inspired and informative content tailored to your audience’s needs.

Why choose DH² Consulting?

By investing in your company’s marketing, communications, and process improvement strategies, you can gain powerful competitive advantages to help you achieve the returns you desire.

At DH2 Consulting, we take a hands-on approach tailored to your unique situation. We help you optimize your processes via strategic Six Sigma and process improvement methodologies. We create authentic communications with clear and compelling content. We provide experienced insights to help you meet your objectives.


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